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1/11/'99 - A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! I know it's a cliché, but I wish all of you a happy new year, a nice job, nice working conditions, a nice girl - or boyfriend, or something resembling this, and a happy Easter and merry Christmas too. Yep, your eyes didn't deceive you, I am back in business. Slowly, but hey, I'm on my way. Now that we survived Y2K, we can move on. I added a few people to the player list. Not many, just a few, I have many more applications waiting, they will be done this week. At the moment I only have time left to type this meaningless crap. The votes will be changed soon too, and I hope that the guild section will finally be finished. We keep our fingers crossed.
10/8/'99 - Thevotesare finally updated. Go there, fill them in, and I hope you enjoy yourselves. I will try to make an effort to update them more frequently, but then again, I should do that with the whole page. The Fish Speaker guild for instance, is still not updated. If someone wants to send me a mail with all the professions and their skills, please feel free. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Like I said before, I'm still pretty busy.
9/27/'99 - I updated the guild and the planet section. The Warrior guild has been added, the Chapterhouse Planet, and the existing ones were updated. Only the Fish Speaker guild needs to be added. If I have the info and the time, it will be done. Now I'm just busy over my ears, sorry bout that, but I can't help it either.
9/10/'99 - Ok, I'm back for now... Half of the new player registrations are put online. I'll do the other ones next week. After this lack of attention, I have made plans for the site. Next week, as I said, the rest of the player registrations will be online, as also some new voting polls. After that (don't know when, since I'm back at school - and I need to code too :P) I'll start on the guilds (MAJOR update) and I'll try to finish an equipment list I was working on. Sorry for the lack of updates after this long, long period.
8/16/'99 - I owe the most of you an apology. I took off for a month, but there's one thing I forgot, and that's putting it on the page. Consequently, I had 76 new mails tonight. But hey, now you know it: I was gone and couldn't put all the registrations, and a new vote online. Maybe I'll put those new player registrations on the page later this evening. If so, I'll be on time to mention it. I'm kinda busy with coding etc. at the moment. The guilds will be updated as soon as possible, but please give me a break ;-)

6/29/'99 - I changed the voting polls. You can vote again, and you can see the results of the last vote in the VOTE-section.
There seems to be a little bug with the playerlist. Everytime you are on a page of a player with a second character and it says 'for other info, see blah blah' then the link doesn't work. I know what is wrong, but it's a pain in the butt to correct. So please have some patience and use the 'Back' button on your browser for now. I will fix the rotten thing when I find the time.
Oh yeah, by the way: for stealing my idea, you will die Lemur! Slow and painful! I will dance on your grave!
6/28/'99 - I found a counter more suitable to the theme =P Looks better, huh? Although those hearts were pretty nifty too... Ok, the votes are still running. I don't know when I shall organize new ones. That won't take not too long, so if you want to vote now, please be my guest. I received a mail with a few very cool ideas to vote for - *blink* to the one I'm talking about, he or she knows it =) Thanks!
6/24/'99 - Oki, new votes are in! Check it out at the VOTE-section, it rocks. And fill it in, of course =P. It's a whole update to the votes I used to put online... You can still check on the results of the previous polls if you want to, and you can add idea's for more things to vote for. But you'll see it when you click on VOTE. That's about it for today, I'm afraid. Got an exam tomorrow, my last one!
6/23/'99 - The results of the votes have arrived. I'm going to organize my new voting polls a whole lotta different, go to the 'VOTE' section. Also, a little note for registering on the playerlist: if you want to register, please fill in the list. It's not enough to ask me, per mail or on Dune, if 'I can put you in the list', I should get a mail. If I don't, you're not in. Sorry, but this page takes a lot of my time already as it is... And the same goes for when you want to update your info: just fill in the register form again. Thanks for keeping it easy =)
For ideas, mail me!

As you can see, this page is still further...

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