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The Snowie

Me on the MUD!!!
On the MUD I am Snowman, the Fremen GM. My other character is Poetry, a female wiz with the Imperial domain (check the lists for me). Snowman is a high level character (30+)... He is married to the lovely Darkstar.  He is a playerkiller. (Poetry is too, but hey, she is a wiz, so that doesn't count ;-) Because I am Guild Master, Poetry is retired from coding. I'll still log her on to chat and fix bugs, but that'll be all for now... She'll be back, I just don't know when.

This is how I look like!!!

Guild Master Snowman is carried away by a Moonlight Shadow (good).
Snowman has a scar on his nose, left arm, left hand, right hand, forhead, left cheek and his right cheek.
He is in good shape.
There sits a green and blue parrot on his shoulder.
Snowman has an air of strength and pride in his face.
Totally blue eyes with no white gaze back at you.
You sense from the aura of power and strong pride
that radiates from him that he is a Fremen.
Snowman is surrounded by a powerful aura, and his eyes are glowing red.
Snowman has a small pouch dangling from his cloak containing the
soul of Snowman.
He has his left eyebrow pierced.
He has a star-shaped tattoo on his chest.
He has a tattoo of two crossed crysknives on his biceps.
Snowman is happily married to Darkstar.

Snowman is wielding :
Snowball in perfect condition (Crysknife) in his right hand and
An odd knife in perfect condition (Knives and Daggers) in his left hand.

Snowman is wearing :
A thick silver bracelet  (large), A pair of leather shinguards  (large),
A metal stomach plate  (large), Teflon shirt  (large),
A thick leather ankle bracelet  (large),
Fish Speaker adamantium helm  (large), A powerful forcebelt  (large),
Warrior medaillon  (large), A thick leather armband  (large),
A shiny silver headband  (large), Left leg protector  (large),
A Power Glove  (large), A pair of harkonnen military boots  (large),
Right leg Protector  (large), A pair of leather bracers  (large),
Thick bracelet  (large), Sardaukar Special Forces Gauntlets  (large),
Long, flowing black cloak  (large), Platemail  (large),
Fish Speaker Officer's Uniform  (large),
Apron of Good Health and Strength  (large) and Fremen still-suit  (large).

And carrying :
A single Strip of hawk meat
A brightly colored parrot
News hearer
A cute bear called DarkSnow
A system type clock
Spice essence [some sips left]
Some packages of Hawk meat
A golden wedding band (worn)
Black velvet cloak (shimmering)
A huge leather backpack
A lot of times 'Bottle of liban'
Three times 'An empty bottle'

About me in real life!!!
You are not going to get to know me well by reading this (I do have some privacy, you know) but there are a few things I can tell you. My name is Wout (if you are trying to read that out loud now, I really want to hear you).  I am almost 20 years old (born on the 16th of April 1979) and I live in Belgium (you know, that small European thing that is the third most corrupt country in the world). I'm at university, studying pedagogy (the art of education :p) and mudding in my spare time (and that's a lot) I don't have that much interests... Most common are youth movement, drawing, writing poetry (or try to write it) and of course computers :-)

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