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- Nickname: Poetry
- Domain: Imperial
- Test player: Mayflower
- Sex: female
- Other character: Snowman
- Spouse: /
- Real name: You cant pronounce that anyway
- E-mail:
- ICQ: /
- "Real" sex: male
- Date of Birth: April 16th, 1979 (9 months after my parents made the biggest mistake of their lives)
- Personal Page: Snowman's Page!
- Looks: There will be soon a picture of me. I'm brownhaired, green eyes with little brown dots in them, and I don't know my lenght in American measurements, but it's 1 meter and 78 centimeters.
- Life wisdom: One should think of a good thing in a person and one should start one's judgement with this thing. For instance, Hitler didn't smoke.
- Picture:

(With Dvl's/Elmer's backside, to the right)

Also visit the About me - section if you want to know more of me.