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The warrior guild is based off of the dual strength of utter overpowering and pure thought. It is a guild based on the individual's strength, yet they stand together as a whole. The Supreme Bashar runs the guild as a general would an army. Their combined fighting force is a force to be reckoned with. The skill listing is slightly abbreviated to keep some guild secrets.

Important members
Alan: Coder
Alodar: GM ("Supreme Bashar")
Banquo: Enforcer ("Bashar")
Snarfer: Enforcer ("Bashar")

Guild skills
It heals you at the cost of CP.
It heals you at the cost of TST (testosterone) - glvl 50.
It heals you at the cost of CNC (concentration) - glvl 75.
It gives you your guild glory (gexp) when you shout out a victory call on your slain opponents.
Master the use of your weapon to make you hit harder and more - glvl 10.
Use the stored energy in your muscles to increase your hits.
Effects all combat (mostly in warrior mode) skills.
Effects all defensive (mostly in mentat mode) skills.
A warrior's ability to exist as a dual fighting (both mentat and warrior)

Other skills (not improvable)
In addition to being an expert with their battle blade, warrior's can train themselves in the use of daggers.
There are 3 ways to train them:
1) throw - a quick throw at your opponent, you can do it every round.
2) stab - can't do it as often as throw, but it does more damage.
3) frenzy - unleash all your dagger skills by hitting your opponent with a myriad of daggers and normal hits.
Takes you back to Chapterhouse AP. Very helpful.
Guild food
Some special food for warriors that increases different things.
There are a lot more non-trainable skills, but these are the brief highlights. There are too much to mention here.