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Vote !!!

At first there was the intention to organize a vote for the best player and put on a top 25 or something. But it will be cooler to vote for other things that we can find in players. There is the MUD idiot, the most newbie helping person, the friendliest one, the favorite wiz, and more. So that's what you can vote here for. I don't know when elections are over yet, that depends on the amount of votes I receive. The votes are submitted by email, but I will be the only one who knows where they come from.


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Your choice for:

Most friendly player:

MUD idiot:

Most funny player:

Player with the coolest attributes from the Caladan Doctor:

Best newbiehelper:

Player with the coolest plan:

Coolest area:

Grooviest wiz:

Plainly, best player:


Here you can add your idea(s) for more things to vote for: