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How do you think playerkilling should be organized?
Exactly 1/3 of the people who voted want a change: everyone should be able to go pk if they want to, there shouldn't be a level restriction. 28% likes the way it is now. About 20% want an open pk mud, and an equal number chooses for forced pk at a high level. Remarkable also how no one wants playerkilling banned from the mud.
What do you think of the quest policy on Dune?
Most people (again 1/3) like it the way it is now. 28% thinks quests are cool, but shouldn't be compulsary. Half of that number, 14% that is, thinks the opposite: quests are very cool and should all be compulsary. A slightly less number of voters, 11%, thinks that quests don't belong on Dune. 8% thinks that the system is ok but the quests are too hard, and another 8% thinks the quests are too easy.
Question 3: Do you think Ffej and Kelloggs are the same person?
Top answer is 'Yes, of course. Duh.': 37% A few less people voted for 'Maybe' (34%) and 'Doubtful' (29%). But no one voted for 'Absolutely not'. No further comment.
Question 4: How do you feel about posing?
Most people (42%) like it the way it is now. 6% thinks posing should be banished, and an equal number of people (each about 17%) think that it should be easy to turn off, it should cost cp, and that there should be a higher level from when one can pose.
Question 5: What's the greatest loss for the MUD?
31% voted for Duneguy. There is no one who voted for Diablo, one person who voted for Atlas, and the rest is divided almost equally in between.
Question 6: What's the greatest victory for the MUD?
Top answer: Atlas, followed by Diablo.
Question 7: Do you think Remognothid is:
64% (!!!) said Remognothid isn't worth thinking about: not even worth my opinion. 1 person voted for Remognothid as a big loser, and 8 persons (that makes 22%) voted for him as a very big loser. 11% (4 people) voted a big loser. Now Remo, what did it say about voting multiple times?
Question 8: What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
Chocolate! Followed by Vanilla. The rest is less popular.
Question 9: Who is the best Guild Master?
A whole bunch of people, as expected, voted for Brandywine (42%). Number two is, oh brother, your humble servant Snowman (28%). Dvl follows with 14%, and then there's Tiamat and Sithlord with 6% each. 3% is for Vampiron and Nyshae, and poor Snarfer has no votes, but that'll change once the Warrior guild gets settled. By the way, I know Snarfer was once warrior GM, but I don't know if he still is.
Question 10: Who should be banished?
Top answer was: all of the above (being: Benoit, Mistress (one down already), Remo, Ninja, Ffej, Skyspy, Shadow,  Roxy and Gheldor) No further comment.

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