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- Nickname: Slair
- Guild: Harkonnen
- Sex: male
- Other character: none
- Spouse: /
- Non-pk character
- Real name: Roy Hammond
- E-mail:
- ICQ: 14172733
- "Real" sex: male
- Date of Birth: 8/20/81
- Country: USA
- Personal Page:
- Looks =
Slair the Lower Shock Trooper (nice).
He is slightly hurt.
Slair is a formidable fighting Harkonnen warrior who has
a slightly crazed look in his eyes. The insanity is
tempered with cunning, though, making him a fearsome
Slair is ranked 1st Lieutenant in the Harkonnen Army.

Slair is wielding :
Vampire's tooth in excellent condition (Unknown) in his right hand and
nothing in his left hand.

Slair is wearing :
A soldier uniform  (extra small), Armband of rank  (extra small),
Recessive Guard's Armour  (extra small),
Harkonnen Boots  (extra small),
Gargantuan Gauntlets of Fiery Raging Doom  (extra small),
A harkonnen chestplate  (extra small), Silver bracers  (extra small),
Iron helmet  (extra small), A broken hockey mask  (extra small),
A powerful forcebelt  (extra small), An exquisite aba  (extra small),
A Power Glove  (extra small) and A Harkonnen Battlesuit  (extra small).

And carrying :
A medium leather backpack
A lot of times 'Grilled slice of Pupil'
party banner
Two times 'Grilled slice of Teacher'
- Life Wisdom = If your gonna ride you gotta learn to fall
- Picture: