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- Nickname = Sabre
- Guild = Atreides
- Sex = male
- Other character = /
- Spouse = /
- Non-pk character
- Real name = Tim
- E-mail = /
- ICQ = /
- Real sex = male
- Date of Birth = /
- Country = US of A
- Personal Page = /
- Looks =
Sabre the Atreides Cadet (good).
Sabre has a scar on his forhead and his left cheek.
He is slightly hurt.
Sabre is a tall, proud Atreides warrior. He is a descendent
of a long line of former Atreides soldiers. Fierceness burns in his eyes,
and gentleness in his heart.
Sabre wears the blue and green work uniform of House Atreides.
Sabre bears the rank of Cadet in House Atreides.

Sabre is wielding :
An Atreides guild lasgun in very good condition (Lasers) in his right hand and
nothing in his left hand.

Sabre is wearing :
A plasteel hard hat  (small), Left Leg Protector  (small),
Sardaukar Special Forces Gauntlets  (small), Rib Chain Mail  (small),
Corporal armour  (small), An atreides field suit  (small) and
Atreides Shieldbelt  (small).

- Life Wisdom = Don't die.