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- Nickname:  Kilroy
- Guild:  Harkonnen
- Sex:  male
- Other character:  /
- Spouse:  Lilly
- Non-pk character
- Real name:  Andrew Rothwell
- E-mail:
- ICQ:  ummmm could it be KILROY?
- "Real" sex:  male
- Date of Birth:  1st March 1974
- Country:  UK  soon to be USA
- Personal Page:
- Looks:
He is in good shape.
Kilroy is surrounded by a powerful aura, and his eyes are glowing red.
Kilroy has a small pouch dangling from his cloak containing the
soul of Kilroy.
Kilroy is a formidable fighting Harkonnen warrior who has
a slightly crazed look in his eyes. The insanity is
tempered with cunning, though, making him a fearsome
- Life Wisdom:  Come to the edge - Life said
They said : We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They Came
Life Pushed them.
and they FLEW.
- Picture:

"Those wo do, can't explain, and those who don't, can't understand."