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- Nickname = Blade
- Guild = Atreides
- Sex = male
- Other character = /
- Spouse = Roxy
- Non-pk character
- Real name = Marshall
- E-mail =
- ICQ = /
- "Real" sex = male
- Date of Birth = /
- Country = USA
- Personal Page = /
- Looks = Blade the Atreides Staff Sergeant (nice).
Blade has a scar on his right leg, nose and his left arm.
He is in good shape.
Blade is happily married to Roxy.
There sits a pink and blue parrot on his shoulder.
He has blue-within-blue eyes from training with the Fremen.
He has the diamond tattoo of Imperial conditioning.
He loves Roxy with all his heart and thinks she is the cutest gal around.
You seem to recognize Blade's face.
Blade is a tall, proud Atreides warrior. He is a descendent
of a long line of former Atreides soldiers. Fierceness burns in his eyes,
and gentleness in his heart.
Blade wears the dark blue and green combat uniform of House Atreides.
Blade bears the rank of Drill Sergeant in House Atreides.

- Life Wisdom = Don't ever see this:

You die... you fall to the ground and slowly close your eyes.
When you repoen them, you understand you're now a lost soul.

You can see your body about 6 feet under you.
This is a really strange feeling.

You have dishonored your Guild! For your dishonor your scores have been lowered.
Don't let it happen again!