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Standing for Ixian Machine Guild, the IMG is after the harko's one of the best playerkilling guild. So most of the playerkillers are IMG or Harko. They are based on technique and the guild members actually look like robots. It's a small guild, and not that newbie-friendly (I mean that lowlevel IMG have some difficulties) but beware, after that they have reached a decent level, they rock. Note that you have to be approved by a higher guild member if you wanna join IMG... and you have to be level 5... The Guild is e,n,n,n,e,e,e,s,u from Ix AP.

Important members
Praxis: Coder
Sithlord: GM
Ffej: Enforcer
Moridin: Enforcer
Silver: tends to make fun  of newbies, but he's not so bad ;-) I like him.
Shadowlord: now where the hell is that guy? :P
Arthur, Kain: big bad meanies :p

Guild skills
(many thanks to Garion for this)
IMG's are machines and therefore use power to function. Most guild commands cost power. Power has to be regained now and then, either by recharging at places meant to recharge or by using the solar panel implant. They improve themself by buying implants... the different types of implants include dermal plating (increases constitution and protects from hits), muscle replacement (increases strength and lets you pond your opponent), enhanced reflexes (increases quickness and lets you speed up during fights), repair system (lets you repair yourself faster then simply healing yourself in time), solar panels (lets you regain power in any room you want and free). There are more implants. I just listed the main types. Some implants are upgradeable (Dermal plating, muscle replacement and enhanced reflexes).
List of available commands (not all of them though):
Absorbs a corpse and converts it tp power, hp's or cp's (or a combination)
Converts objects into power units.
Extends solar panels for recharging power (if you got that implant)
Use thermographic optics to scan surrounding area (you need a thermographic optics implant)
Reinforce a wepon/forceshield with an energy field (at higher glvl)
Starts the repair of hps and implants.
Fires the weapon you have in your weapon socket (better weapon the higher glvl)
Fires missiles (better missiles the higher glvl)
Pounds your opponent (hopefully to pulp. You need the muscle replacement implant)
Speed up
Speeds up your attacks, giving you more hits per round. (you need enhanced reflexes implant)

For every implant you buy and install, you lose some of your humanity. If you lose all of your humanity youll die. But dont worry. There are implants for this too ;) Some commands are secret to outsiders and even to IMG's on lower levels. Dont expect to know about them until you gain them. Also, there are some "subquests" associated with IMG, and info thereabout is classified as questinfo.