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These are fierce warriors. Harko's will sooner have a great best kill than other players. As soon as they can terrorize, there is not much around that they can't handle. The consequence is that they are popular among newbies who like to kill, kill and kill... I once saw a newbie harko who was nagging about the chat channel. He demanded everyone to "shut up because he couldn't play" *boggle*.
The harko guild is situated w,s,s,enter,d from Giedi Prime AP.

Important members
Sauron: Coder
Dvl: GM
Maverick: Enforcer
Doom: Enforcer
Bornhelm: The fear of all playerkillers

Guild skills
The skill that heals the harko member. Using 'bind' heals your own wounds, using 'bind <player>' heals someone else's wounds.
Another way to heal. 'Drain energy' : a needle shoots out of your battlesuit and drains the life from your opponent. 'Drain corpse' : you drink the blood. This gives you a little more hit - and spellpoints.  You must be at least glvl 5 to use this skill.
This skill needs to be advanced first. Typing 'battlerage' turns you into a fury who can't be stopped. You can do, together with your normal attack, some "sidekicks" during battle: bodyslam, punch, kick, knee, elbow, smash (glvl 15), bearhug (glvl 30) Of course, when you're in a state of rage, you can't do these socials :-)
This skill makes the opponent's hit do less damage... it's also automatical...
Usage: 'appraise <monster or object>"
This skill checks the value or the strength of an object or a monster. Useful if you don't know for sure if you can take the mob without getting your b*tt kicked.
A cool skill that allows you to hit the wrist of your opponent and make him unwield his weapon.
Glvl 15 or higher harko's can poison their weapons so that they inflict greater damage.
Great skill. Unfortunately you have to be glvl 25 to even think about this kind of behavior, but when you have finally reached that level, it's pretty much worth the patience. Typing 'terrorize <opponent>' seriously messes with your victim's stats!

Other skills (not improvable)
Harko's can test a monster's or a player's health.
It must have happened that you entered a room and it was full of 'grilled slice of blah blah'. When a Harko has killed something, he can cut the corpse into slices and grill it to eat it later and heal, or to sell the slices.
You can convert 2 hit points into 3 command points by using this skill.
Harko's don't have to go to the Ix lockers to adjust their armour, at least not when they're glvl 20 or above.
When you have reached glvl 40, you can bite your opponent in the neck and inflict severe damage!
There are certain implants that you can buy to inflict greater damage. Read the guild help files for details.
Glvl 25+ Playerkilling Harko's can sacrifice their own body (50% of the HPs!) to inflict much greater damage to their (player) opponent.
Harko's are able to use drugs to increase their general abilities. Typing 'drugs' will show your drug status at that moment. From glvl 5 you can inject your very first drug. Don't try this at home, kids!