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Location: 13s, 16w, enter  from Arrakis AP
This Guild is known as the most friendly one on the MUD. Newbies will always find help here. The more fremen there are on, the higher the Tau, and tau makes the fremen more powerful... So this guild is a guild for which the members really depend on each other. It's a good thing that this is the guild with the most members nowadays. Because their strength lays in their bond. When they fight in groups, nothing can stop them.

Important members
Druid: Coder
Snowman: GM
Ramma: Enforcer
Vain: Enforcer
Darkstar: my lovely wife :-)

Guild skills
This skill is the one you should improve first, together with 'crysknife' It increases your attacks and gives them more strength. These skills are automatically, you don't have to type anything.
see supra
Fun skill... it creates a sandstorm that strikes every opponent in the room, so if there are more strong monsters, this is not recommendable.
This skill allows you to distill the water from a corpse and use it for own purpose.
This is a +30 glvl skill... typing 'rush' causes you to rush in attacks against your opponents.
Costs 5 SP though....
Typing "camouflage" turns you into a dusty robe, or a shadowy patch of ground, or an odd-shaped rock or whatever. Fact is that you become one with your environment. Aggro monsters or monsters that you already attacked will leave you in peace when you enter the room camouflaged... Just type "uncamo" and they still won't attack you, so you can take your time easily.
Pretty useless skill, but always fun. You can spy in any direction which is an obvious exit. If you "spy north" for instance, you can see what's north without going there (duh).
A skill that allows you to grapple your enemy. You and him will be stunned for a while, so it's a group skill. One high fremen can grapple an opponent while other fremen bash into it when he can't do anything.

Other skills (not improvable)
Fremen always have a certain amount of water in their still-suit that regenerates automatically. 'Drinkwater' will convert that amount into HP and heal the player.
Fighting styles
At first, there are three modes of combat: normal, rage and defense. Rage will give more hits, but you get more damage too. Defense is the reverse: less hits but less damage too (tip: use defense when you're fighting strong mobs) And normal, yeah that's just normal... but when you fight in normal mode, you can't make much guild experience. Rage and defense cost adrenaline points though. At glvl 35, Fremen get two new modes: fluid and fanatic. Fluid is some sort of extra defense, while fanatic is some sort of extra rage.
'Degland corpse' after you killed something will increase your adrenaline points.
All fremen have an autoloading crysknife. Type 'unsheath crysknife' to get it, and 'wield crysknife' to wield it. Fremen should always fight with that crysknife. At glvl 10 you can give it a name!
A glvl 32 skill. You can throw sand in your opponent's eyes and blind him.
If you type 'tense' you will tense up the grip to your crysknife. This will inflict more damage and give more hits. It's a glvl 20 power.
Glvl 25+ Fremen can poison their crysknife. This will do damage after you hit the monster. So if you wimpied for example, the monster will still lose HP because of the poison, while you are regenerating.
If a mob is at 5% of its health, a glvl 40+ Fremen can try finishing him off in one powerful blow.
Since the new Arrakis with its deserts and sandworms got in, fremen have a new skill. If they use a thumper and some maker hooks, they can mount a worm and ride it through the desert without losing HP or getting attacked by another worm.
Fremen are the only people who can train other players in the skill of Sandwalking. Sandwalking makes it easier to stroll through the desert. You have a smaller chance of attracting worms or losing HP. Only glvl 15+ Fremen can teach.