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Details of the vote

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Friendliest player or wiz:
Vor: 3 votes
Snowman, Brandywine, Hotaru: 2 votes
Other players voted for (-> 1 vote): Jesse, Lilly, Leondal, Gretzky, Rix, Yesenia, Juris, Snail, Asvald, Tazmania, Alan, Silver

Most newbie hating player or wiz:
Bornhelm: 3 votes
Lemur, Gilligan: 2 votes
Other: Pwent, Stryder, Sauron, Guest, Moridin, Snowman, Sithlord, Lynx

Lousiest speller:
Moonraker: 7 votes
Other: Ninja, Snail, Lemur, Snowman, Llama, Sithlord, Dave, ;afjkd;alfjd

Biggest spammer:
Ffej: 5 votes
Benoit: 3 votes
Moonraker, Onn npc's: 2 votes
Other: Genesis, Ninja, Genocide, Lemur, Iggy, Skyspy, Doom, Pip

Best playerkiller:
Moridin: 4 votes
Bornhelm, Dvl: 3 votes
Ramma, Sithlord: 2 votes
Other: Snowman, Reznit, Fury, and someone filled in "They all suck"

Most wanted playerkiller:
Bornhelm: 8 votes
Sithlord: 5 votes
Other: Ffej, Mistress, Guido

Most annoying player or wiz:
Remognothid: 5 votes
Ffej: 3 votes
Gilligan, Lemur, Benoit: 2 votes
Other: Skyspy, Guest, Genesis, Ninja, Fury

Best couple
Lemur & Pip: 3 votes
Yesenia & Nightbreeze, Snowman & Darkstar: 2 votes
Other: Lilly & Kilroy, Ffej & Kelloggs, Moonraker & Cannon, Mystikal & Damasc, Maverick & Brandywine, Genocide & Rix, Doom & his guitar

Best guild:
Fremen: 6 votes
IMG, Harkonnen: 4 votes
Tleilax, Atreides: 3 votes
Speakers: 2 votes
Other: Warrior, Bene Gesserit

Best looks (from the pictures on this page):
Genocide: 10 votes
Brandywine: 3 votes
Other: Hotaru, Sithlord, Perseus, Doom, Catia

Best area:
SRP on Salusa (Poetry): 6 votes
Secretaries on Wallach (Alan): 4 votes
Prison camp on Salusa (Elmer): 3 votes
Minefield on Tleilax (Seeker), base on GP (Sauron): 2 votes
Other: Onn on Arrakis (Stryder), Iria's castle on Wallach (Iria), Refinery on Arrakis (Leondal), URC on Ix (Beren), Sietch Tabr on Arrakis (Spite)

Best player:
Nyshae: 3 votes
Bob, Moridin, Bornhelm, Tazmania, Rix: 2 votes
Other: Fury, Creasy, Hotaru, Ramma, Hobbes, Snail, Jolan, Slair

Sexiest, funniest, coolest player whose name starts with an 'S' and ends with 'nowman':
Snowman: 12 votes (can you believe that?!?)