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Details of the vote

Friendliest player
Brandywine: 5 votes
Duneguy: 2 votes
Other players voted for (1 vote): Jesse, Creasy, Slade, Clockwork, Bornhelm, Heretic, Snail, Alpha, Lucky, Moridin, Guest

MUD idiot
Lemur: 8 votes (!!)
Sithlord: 5 votes
Guest: 2 votes
Other: Hector, Samurai, Moridin, Tex, Raven

Funniest player
Lemur: 9 votes (!!!)
Other: Heretic, Joker, Lemming, Odin, Dave

Coolest attribute
Bornhelm: 5 votes
Dread: 2 votes
Other: Jessica, Heretic

Best newbiehelper
Duneguy: 3 votes
Jesse, Garion: 2 votes
Other: Drizzt, Moridin, Druid, Dark, Moonraker, Blade, Doom, Heretic, Lemur (?)

Best plan
Snowman: 3 votes
Dvl: 2 votes
Other: Duneguy, Moonraker, Storm, Laurel, Orion

Best area
Alan's secretaries: 5 votes
Leondal's Spice Refinery: 4 votes
Sauron's military base: 3 votes
Seeker's Minefield: 2 votes
Remognothid's area: 1 vote

Grooviest wiz
Sauron: 4 votes
Kiza, Leondal: 3 votes
Stryder: 2 votes
Other: Iria, Genesis, Poetry, Asvald

Best player
Bornhelm: 4 votes
Moridin, and umm.. Snowman (?): 3 votes
Other: Kain, Dark, Creasy, Rix, Heretic, Guest, Duneguy, Sithlord