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Bene Gesserit
This "Guild of Females" is situated s,e,e,e,n,w,d from Wallach AP. They can help other players with their heals and ptrains. In pure strength they are less skilled, but that's compensated by the guild skills, mostly conducted by their strong mind power..
The BG Guild has been waiting long for a recode..

Important members
Poetry: Coder
Snail: GM ("Mother Superior")
Raq: Enforcer
Talitha: Enforcer

Guild skills
This skill causes a flurry of attacks. There are 20 levels of Prana, and you can train this in the guild.
Litany helps the BG to control fear. There are 4 levels of litany. This skill increases the BG defense.
Like I said, the BG are not that strong in a pure physical battle, but they can compensate that by their strong mind power. Seizure is a skill that seriously damages the victim while the BG only uses her mind power.
Comparable with Seizure, but only at a higher level.
This is the healing skill of the BG.
The BG can go into a deeply relaxed state to gain meditation points and calories.

Other skills (not improvable)
BG carry a light globe under their aba. They never have to use torches.
Typing 'halt' during combat will stop the battle during an amount of time (how higher the level, how longer the break)
After killing a monster, you can 'pray' to relieve the soul from the dead body and to gain command points.
This is the skill that causes the popularity of the Bene Gesserit among the other guilds. Ptrains can higher a player's stats temporarily.
Glvl 10 is required.
BG can heal other players using this skill.
You can buy healing drinks at the guild shop, and sip from them to heal a little calories.
Very neat skill! You can force someone to do any command you please (ahem, almost any)
When you're glvl 25 or higher, you can donate a lethal injection to your opponent which causes massive damage, already before the fight begins.